The history of the live casino: need for more interactivity
The history of the live casino: need for more interactivity

The history of the live casino: need for more interactivity

To understand how live streaming casino became possible, you have to look at the big casino groups side. The first tests took place on Asian casinos which wanted to meet a growing demand from players who cannot physically go to physical mantap88 casino.

The difficulties mainly resided in the video compression: this compression had to be qualitative enough to restore an excellent impression of the game, but it also had to be quite important (high compression requiring less bandwidth and therefore accessible to more players with a single connection ADSL).

The big Asian online casinos have known, as usual, the pawn of the casinos of the whole world and the first live casinos come to us from Asia.

Very quickly, this technology will be used around the world and it will be coupled with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology which allows cells to detect a chip (placed in a card or a token) in order to make them interact the player on the other side of the world behind his screen.

The graphical interfaces have also improved, to such an extent that nowadays, the feeling of being physically present with the croupier is enormous.

Play safely at a live casino

The casinos as a whole are generally completely secure and offer transparent and reliable services. But to be sure to play at a casino where your transactions are protected, we invite you to always go through one of our links to register on a live casino . This also works for casinos that do not offer live mode.

This will prevent you from playing at casinos where you have no certainty as to the security and integrity of the games offered.

Play at the best live casino thanks to the selection of our experts

You will understand that the essential asset of playing at a live casino is fun. But for your gaming experience to be perfect, you need to select the best mantap88 live casino . Taking the time to select your live casino through our tests and reviews is important. Taking the time to register by selecting the bonus that suits you is essential.

That’s why our experts have selected the best live casinos in France, just for you. Complete your registration immediately, you will not be disappointed!

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